"Naturopathy stands for the reconciling, harmonizing and unifying of nature, humanity and God."

Benedict Lust, Father of Naturopathy

About Dr. Campbell

My name is Erica Campbell. I am a Naturopathic Doctor, and I am passionate about helping others achieve health. I am a gulf coast native, familiar with the milieu of Houston and that of the Human Body. I continually aspire to restore health of my own being, that of my family, and that of my community. I am a healer, continually learning about the integral parts of life that compose a whole being.  I strive to address each client as a unique individual and to empower them in their journey to health.


We are in the business of Health Restoration, Health Optimization, and Health Preservation. Our goal is to help you build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We work to improve overall health by addressing the underlying cause of disease.
The most common causes we see are poor digestion, toxic burden, and nutritional deficiencies.


We are excited about your interest in Naturopathic Medicine and will do our best to accommodate your individual needs. To schedule an appointment, you can either contact our office  at 713-529-9355 or use our online scheduling.

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